Symphony of Science is a view of our universe through the prism of music.

The series puts a new spin on science by remixing lectures, documentaries, and movies into music videos celebrating the most mind-blowing knowledge we have. The videos have been used in classrooms around the world as a means to get people interested in science.

Since its launch in Fall 2009, Symphony of Science has been featured on CNN, NPR, Wired, Adult Swim, and more, attracting over 50 million views online. The first single, A Glorious Dawn, found release on Jack White's Third Man Records label as a special 7” vinyl single.

Really quite beautiful and amazing in both its sincerity and aims.
— Carrie Brownstein

The series is the brain child of melodysheep, a musician and filmmaker living in the Pacific Northwest. His work spans from television and music production, having done extensive work with Disney, National Geographic, PBS, and many other collaborators.  A TED guest and Webby Award winner, he strives to evoke a sense of awe with his work by celebrating the musicality of life, nature, and pop culture.


In 2016, “A Glorious Dawn” became the first record ever played in space.

Thanks to a 4-year effort by Third Man Records. Read more in the New York Times.

Only when creative people take ownership of cosmic discovery will society accept science as the cultural activity that it is. And so I applaud all such efforts of artists.
— Neil deGrasse Tyson